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Promoting Oklahoma Women in Elections and Representation Political Action Committee (POWhER PAC) was established in 2021 by former elected Republican women of Oklahoma and professional women to help elect viable Republican women to office across Oklahoma, from county commissioners, mayors and the State Legislature to Congress.


POWhER PAC is governed by an Advisory Board that is responsible for strategic decisions relating to engagement in key races across Oklahoma. The Advisory Board determines in each cycle whether its funds will be utilized and which candidates it will place on a ballot sent to the membership for a final vote for financial endorsements. Members of our Advisory Board are listed below.


POWhER PAC is exclusively dedicated to preserving and growing the number of Republican women running for and holding elected office across Oklahoma.


Our primary mechanism is to strategically provide financial support where and when needed the most, whether it is for a competitive candidate or a viable first-time candidate. This financial support is made possible due to the financial commitment by the board and due-paying members, and the influence they bring by committing to our shared vision.


Just as important is our mission to deliver a network of people who care about helping other women succeed in Oklahoma. We hope to see Republican women inspired to run, to sustain their time in office, and to feel supported to pursue leadership roles where major decisions are being made. In an effort to build this network, POWhER PAC will host regular meet & greets with endorsed candidates and members throughout the year, as well as work towards an annual gala to bring together current and former elected Republican women.


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Our Advisory Board


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